Getting Started with Git

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The Bixo project uses git as its source code control system.

If you are unfamiliar with git, the official manual is available here

If you are coming to git after using svn, there is an excellent reference available here

There are GUI tools available for git:

  1. git-gui is bundled with git (you launch it from your terminal as “git gui”).
  2. gitk – this is an older application that is still part of the standard git distribution (you launch it by invoking ‘gitk’ from your terminal window). It does require tcl/tk to be installed on your machine though.
  3. For Mac OS users wanting a more native look and feel, there is a free alternative — GitX
    There is also GitHub for Mac which has been created by the folks at GitHub.
  4. For Windows users an excellent guide to getting started with git and GitHub is here
  5. From the makers of SmartSVN, you can now get SmartGit.
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