Sort tabs for Sublime Text 2
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Sort Tabs for Sublime Text 2

This plugin sort the tabs in Sublime Text 2 using one of these methods:

  • Sort Tabs by file name
  • Sort Tabs by file type
  • Sort Tabs by file path
  • Sort Tabs by modification date
  • Sort Tabs by last activation

Last sorting command are stored and could be repeated.

Optionally, you can enable an automatic sort when loading or saving a file (see Settings).

You can also use this plugin to close the last tabs after a sort (need docs).

How it works

The command is accessible via the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) under the name Sort Tabs: Menu or from the menu:

View->Sort Tabs Menu


Install via Package Control


To configure this plugin, look at the menu:

Preferences->Package Settings->SortTabs->Settings - Default

If you want to change a settings don't touch this file, but put your settings in your user folder:

Preferences->Package Settings->SortTabs->Settings - User

Add your own sorting method (Advanced)

To add your own sorting method, create a new plugin in your User directory that inherit from sort_tabs.SortTabs or one of it's descendant.

Example (sorting tabs using file extension first and file name after):

import os.path
import sort_tabs

class SortTabsByFileExtCommand(sort_tabs.SortTabsByNameCommand):
    '''Sort Tabs by file extension'''
    sorting_indexes = (1, 3, 2)

    def fill_list_views(self, list_views):
        super(SortTabsByFileExtCommand, self).fill_list_views(list_views)
        # add file extension to each element of list_views
        for item in list_views:

list_views is a list containing one list for each tab with the view object and the group number ([[view1, group1], [view2, group2]]).

You can add to these items as many item you need to sort the list_views (here we add the file extension: [[view1, group1, name1, ext1], [view2, group2, name2, ext2]]).

sorting_indexes is a tuple containing the index number of items in the list used to sort list_views (here we sort by group number, file extension, file name).

New commands are automatically added to the menu.