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// Package logdemo is used to demonstrate unit-testing for the "log" package.
package logdemo
import (
type LoggingThing struct {
Logger *log.Logger
// New returns a fresh new LoggingThing reference, which will log to STDOUT.
func New(name string) *LoggingThing {
prefix := "thing-" + name + " "
flags := log.Ldate | log.Ltime | log.Lmicroseconds
return &LoggingThing{Logger: log.New(os.Stdout, prefix, flags)}
// Log logs something for the LoggingThing.
func (lt *LoggingThing) Log(msg string) {
// OK, that's all well and good, but what, you ask, if I'm too lazy to set
// up a structure and whatnot?
// In that case you should be able to use a package variable; just be sure
// to expose it by making it begin with an Uppercase letter.
var logger_prefix = "global "
var logger_flags = log.Ldate | log.Ltime | log.Lmicroseconds
var Logger = log.New(os.Stdout, logger_prefix, logger_flags)
// Log logs something out of the blue.
func Log(msg string) {