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Roadmap and issue tracker for
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Roadmap and issue tracker for

Use this repo to report any issues and feedback about, including:

  • layout & browser compatibility issues
  • content issues (e.g. broken links) launched in January 2020 with a minimal yet functional feature set.

Already supported

  • Home Page with latest videos & articles
  • Videos & articles collections
  • YouTube video embeds
  • Tags
  • Course page
  • Newsletter
  • About page
  • Syntax highlighting for code blocs (currently using Swift grammar)
  • Twitter share links
  • Page-specific meta tags (including Twitter metadata)
  • Nicer separators inside pages
  • RSS feed

Site Generator Roadmap

These upcoming features are listed roughtly in priority order:

  • Services page
  • Group multi-part articles & videos as series
  • Dart-specific syntax highlighting
  • Dark mode
  • Comments integration
  • Search
  • Sponsorship page
  • Prev/next page for videos/articles
  • Related content for videos/articles
  • Embed newsletter sign-up (currently opens separate landing page)
  • Pagination
  • More page metadata (updated_date, source_code_link)

Content updates (ongoing)

  • Transcripts for all past videos
  • Add "alt text" to all images

Thank You

Thank you for all your feedback. It helps make the site better for everyone! 🙏


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