Amazon Dash Button hacked to be a digital piggybank
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Use the Amazon Dash button as a modern day piggybank. Specifically, use a Raspberry Pi and Python to intercept the Dash's HTTP requests to Amazon and redirect them to a web server inside my LAN that (ab)uses the Simple API to transfer money out of my checking account into a rainy day fund.

Inspired by Ted Benson's Medium post on his Dash hack.


  • Python 3.4 or 2.7
  • An appropriate version of Pip
  • Everything in requirements.txt (pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • An Amazon Dash button (or similar)
  • A Raspberry Pi or other dedicated server inside your LAN
  • A router you have administrative access over (MAC filtering)
  • An Instapush account (optional)

Full instructions to come via my own Medium post.