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Bjango Actions help

Bjango actions

Too many actions to list here. Jump over to the Bjango Actions help document to read about them all.

To install the actions, double click Bjango Actions.atn. The actions should then be available in the Actions panel in Photoshop.

Bjango scale actions

Scales the document, then runs the Scale Patterns to 100% script. Some scripts also run the appropriate Mask Feather scaling script. Astute readers will also note that these actions take a history snapshot before scaling, so even if things go horribly wrong, you should be able to recover.

To install the actions, double click Bjango Scale Actions.atn. The actions should then be available in the Actions panel in Photoshop.

Bjango adjustment actions

Some actions to create commonly used adjustment layers, then remove the bitmap mask attached, and rename to remove 1 etc. Basically, a cleaner and quicker way to add gradient maps, levels, curves and vibracy adjustment layers.

Bjango tools panel

A Photoshop CC 2015 tool panel configuration, with easier access to many common screen design tools.

To install the tools panel, drag Bjango Tools Panel.tbr to the Photoshop app icon in your Dock. Please note that some tool keyboard shortcuts will also change (R for rectangle, E for ellipse etc). These can be edited further to suit your use.

Bjango Tools Panel

Hazel rules

Some Hazel rules to assist with moving, renaming and placing into folders, as per My app design workflow.

Photoshop scripts

Some amazing Photoshop scripts that will change your life for the better. Scale Patterns to 100% resets all patterns to 100% scale. The Scale Mask Feather scripts scale mask feathering by 33.3%, 50%, 66.6%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400% or a value of your choosing. These are handy when you scale your documents.

To install the scripts, double click Installers/Install (Photoshop CC 2015), or copy the scripts to your /Adobe Photoshop CC 2015/Presets/Scripts/ folder and restart Photoshop. The scripts should then be available under the FileScripts menu in Photoshop.

macOS workflows

A bunch of macOS workflows for adding or removing @2x and @3x from filenames. Drag files you’d like changed to the workflows to process those filenames.

Feedback and future plans

These documents are maintained by @marcedwards. If you find errors or have suggestions, I’d love to hear about them.