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Greyprint version history


14 November 2022

  • Added offset path actions.
  • Added outline text action.
  • Added select same opacity action.
  • Added dashed stroke styles.
  • Added center points for icon areas.
  • Improved graphic style names.
  • Improved graphic style order.
  • Removed 4px move actions.
  • Removed background layer.


13 October 2017

  • Tweaked the colours for the icon regions and labels (a bit heavier, icon areas work better with pixel grids showing).
  • Set the Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity Designer documents to be sRGB.
  • Added Adobe Experience Design (XD) template.


6 July 2017

  • Added Illustrator actions for nudging, scaling and more.


3 October 2016

  • Initial release.