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CSS Components, Modifiers, and Subcomponents Collection

A collection of common CSS component, modifier, and subcomponent class names from around the web.

What are CSS components, modifiers, and subcomponents?

Recently I've been researching SMACSS by Johnathan Snook and the BEM Methodology by Yandex as well as examing my own style of crafting CSS. I've started adopting an approach based on SMACSS that uses the Base, Layout, Module, State approach for structuring my CSS, though I'ved expanded on the concept of modules based on my research into the BEM methodolgy. I've started using a pattern which I refer to it as Component, Modifier, and Subcomponent.


The concept of components is the same concept of modules described in SMACSS. So if your fimiliar with SMACSS, you already know what a component is. A few examples of componentss that come to mind are things like:

.nav, .alert, .btn, .modal


Again, if you are familiar with SMACSS, you already know what modifiers are. Snook refers to them submodules, though after reading over the BEM methodolgy, I prefer to call these modifiers. The concept is simple, we use modifiers to modify instances of a component or sub-component. Some examples of modifiers are things like

--breadcrumbs, --success, --submit

Modifiers are added onto components or subcomponents to expand their basic functionality for specific cases.

Examples of the above modifiers in use would look like:

.nav--breadcrumbs, .alert--success, .btn--submit


Subcomponents are the inside parts of a component, if it has any. They make up the component. For example, with a .modal module you might have the following components:

.modal-header, .modal-body, .modal-footer

Another example would be a .post component. With it, you have to following subcomponents:

.post-title, .post-date, .post-author, .post-thumb, .post-entry, etc.

What is this repo?

This repo is simply a collection of common component, modifier, and subcomponent names from around the web. I believe naming things is one of the hardest parts of coding. How you style the elements is up to you, though I thought it would be nice to come up with a collection of common/popular HTML class names for components, modifiers, and subcomponents to help create more standardization in my projects.

More thoughts on HTML Class naming conventions.

I've jotted down some thoughts on HTML Class naming conventions on my blog. Have a certain way you name your modules, subcomponents, and modifiers? Let me know.