Tic-Tac-Toe implemented using ARKit+Scenekit
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Bjarne Lundgren / bjarne@sent.com / @bjarnel

In this example I have taken the simple scenekit tic-tac-toe (another of my repositories), and tried to put it in ARKit:)

The game also includes a decent AI opponent.

It works.. somewhat

The aim is this project is just to improve my knowledge of SceneKit and ARKit.

This obviously requires, Xcode 9 (BETA), iOS 11 (BETA) and a relatively recent iOS device.

I know there are numerous positioning bugs around, and that the scene itself is badly organized. Will improve in time:)

Instructions: You put pieces by tapping where you want them to be. You move pieces by dragging and dropping.

Tac-Tac-Toe with ARKit


alt text alt text


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