Search, Find & Read text messages of your iPhone back-up
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Textsearchr - Search, Find & Read text messages of your iPhone back-up

Tired of unsearchable text messages on your iPhone? Textsearchr makes your backupped SMS text messages and iMessages searchable now! Simply enter the phrase you are looking for and textsearchr and returns the messages you are looking for in a clear overview. Find that funny chat of 3 years ago, find that special moment of love, find that old business opportunity, it’s all in your iPhone, but you can’t find it. Textsearchr helps you to enjoy it again!


  • Search iPhone iMessage and SMS messages
  • Very simple, intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Filter on datum ranges and sender name
  • iMessage back-up import functionality
  • Cloudless: textsearchr runs stand alone
  • Secure: no data is shared or stored outside your phone

How it works

Download, compile and install the app. To use the app, you need to copy an SMS database to the app. See:

App store availability

Textsearchr is not available in the app store. This app has been refused as Apple does not allow third party apps reading the SMS database. Even if the database is copied from your own backup as described by the tutorial.