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Refer to README for changes since 0.8.1a.
Summary of changes since DAVEtools v 0.8.0:
V 0.8.1a: Added support for MathML logical operations (not, and, or,
xor); switched to ant for build instead of make
Summary of changes since DAVEtools v 0.7.2:
V 0.8.0b: Incorporated NASA open-source license agreement, copyright info
V 0.8.0a: added 'csymbol' element extension support for 'atan2';
now checking input arguments for -c|--count forms in DAVE.
Added support for an immediate <ci> and <cn> sub-elements in a
<math> element; this is valid MathML but was not supported in
DAVEtools until now. This allows direct assignment of a
variable (in the <variableDef> element to either another
variable (using the content identifier, <ci>, element) or a
constant numeric value (using the content number, <cn>,
Verification tests that fail now gives more details on which
output parameters fail to compare.
Summary of changes since DAVEtools v 0.6.0 (not released):
V 0.7.2: Developed 'dist' makefile target.
V 0.7.1: Moved data into model workspace instead of base workspace.
V 0.7.0: Now generating 'create' script instead of .mdl directly to
work around bug in Simulink interpreter regarding order of
output ports. (rev 75)
Summary of changes since DAVEtools v 0.5.0:
V 0.6.0: Mostly updates to documentation; no major changes.
V 0.5.7: Breakpoint vectors are now written into the same structure as
function tables, with _pts appended to name of BP block.
V 0.5.6: Table contents are now written into structure via setup
script with model-unique name to support multiple models with
similar structure.
V 0.5.5: Now writes Simulink 6.2 (R14SP2) models
V 0.5.4: No change; moved to new SVN repository
V 0.5.3: Removed xerces as a necessary separate package, and removed
JDOM b-9 from the distribution, per legal beagles. This required
modifying to pass in a base URI for the input file.
V 0.5.2: Wrote Theory of Operation (package.html) for DAVE2SL in
javadoc. Added switches to DAVE2SL for library, enabled subsystem,
version 4 or 5 Simulink, and clip warnings on/off. Fixed bug in sum
block. Some javadoc improvements.
V 0.5.1: Generate Simulink as a subsystem for cleanliness. Corrected
spacing bug in Simulink diagram; adjusted table lookup blocks so
multiple input ports have at least 15 pixel spacing.