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How to prepare for a release or other distribution
060425 Written EBJ
120719 Updated considerably
1. Create a new release branch from the 'develop' branch:
$ git checkout -b release/0.9.x
2. Edit build.xml; change major_ver, full_ver strings as
3. Edit dist.make and change VERSTRING as appropriate.
4. Edit DAVE/src/gov/nasa/daveml/dave/; change this.myVersion
in DAVE constructor as appropriate (until we automate this)
5. Edit overview.html; update 'revision history' section
6. Update README/README.txt summary of changes; run make in README
7. Copy README/README.txt to README.adoc for github; change all links
with 'image' to 'README/image' in README.adoc since it's location
is changed.
8. Run 'ant distclean'
9. Run 'ant doc'
10. Look at docs, verify version number in title, etc.
11. 'ant test' & 'ant app-test'; ensure successful testing
12. Review TODO.txt list to see if any are resolved; update the list
of changes
13. 'ant dist' to create .zip file
14. Send that file to another machine and verify 'ant doc', 'ant test'
and 'ant app-test' work.
15. Final pass through README.txt to reflect changes
16. Add line to Release_log.txt about posting new version to branch
17. A final 'git commit' in the release branch to record the
18. Merge back into develop using
$ git checkout develop
$ git merge --no-ff release/0.9.x -m \
"Merged release/0.9.6 into develop branch"
19. Merge back into master
$ git checkout master
$ git merge --no-ff release/0.9.x -m \
"Merged release/0.9.6 into master branch"
20. Tag release version
$ git tag -a 0.9.x -m "2013-07-29: 0.9.x to github"
21. Push to github
git push origin master
22. Run 'ant dist' to create a zip file
23. Put the new DAVEtools zip file on the DSCB Products website.
24. Copy the README/README.html into DAVEtools/index.html on the website
25. Publish notices on website; announce on