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Clone of Prosody's Mercurial Repository, please do not file PRs or bug reports here, but go to the official website instead.
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certs cert/openssl.cnf: Split CSR and self-signed extensions into separate …
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doc Removed some legacy doc/ files.
fallbacks Remove all trailing whitespace
man Update email address
net net.server_event: Return event handle from add_task so it can be clos…
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tests tests: Add tests for util.cache
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util-src util.pposix: Expose the uname GNU extension field 'domainname'
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.luacheckrc luacheckrc: Ignore unused _ENV variable
AUTHORS AUTHORS: A small update...
COPYING COPYING: Reflow the all-caps text. It was wrapping really badly in th…
DEPENDS DEPENDS: Update (LuaSec now has a rock) and add link to /doc/depends
INSTALL INSTALL: Update from wiki
Makefile Merge 0.9->0.10
README README: Update URL for installation docs
TODO TODO: Remove 0.9
configure configure,util-src/Makefile: Make a variable that includes -l for Ope…
prosody prosody: Fix sleep call that relied on the no longer existing socket …
prosody.cfg.lua.dist prosody.cfg.lua.dist: Replace mod_privacy with mod_blocklist in the d…
prosodyctl prosodyctl: check: Don't complain about c2s_ssl or s2s_ssl being in V…


# Prosody IM Server

## Description

Prosody is a server for Jabber/XMPP written in Lua. It aims to be easy 
to use and light on resources. For developers, it aims to give a 
flexible system on which to rapidly develop added functionality or 
rapidly prototype new protocols.

## Useful links


Jabber/XMPP Chat:
               Web interface:
Mailing lists:
               User support and discussion:
               Development discussion:
               Issue tracker changes:

## Installation

See the accompanying INSTALL file for help on building Prosody from source. Alternatively 
see our guide at

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