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-- Prosody IM
-- Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Matthew Wild
-- Copyright (C) 2008-2010 Waqas Hussain
-- This project is MIT/X11 licensed. Please see the
-- COPYING file in the source package for more information.
local dir_sep, path_sep = package.config:match("^(%S+)%s(%S+)");
local plugin_dir = {};
for path in (CFG_PLUGINDIR or "./plugins/"):gsub("[/\\]", dir_sep):gmatch("[^"..path_sep.."]+") do
path = path..dir_sep; -- add path separator to path end
path = path:gsub(dir_sep..dir_sep.."+", dir_sep); -- coalesce multiple separaters
plugin_dir[#plugin_dir + 1] = path;
local io_open =;
local envload = require "util.envload".envload;
module "pluginloader"
function load_file(names)
local file, err, path;
for i=1,#plugin_dir do
for j=1,#names do
path = plugin_dir[i]..names[j];
file, err = io_open(path);
if file then
local content = file:read("*a");
return content, path;
return file, err;
function load_resource(plugin, resource)
resource = resource or "mod_"..plugin..".lua";
local names = {
"mod_"..plugin.."/"..plugin.."/"..resource; -- mod_hello/hello/mod_hello.lua
"mod_"..plugin.."/"..resource; -- mod_hello/mod_hello.lua
plugin.."/"..resource; -- hello/mod_hello.lua
resource; -- mod_hello.lua
return load_file(names);
function load_code(plugin, resource, env)
local content, err = load_resource(plugin, resource);
if not content then return content, err; end
local path = err;
local f, err = envload(content, "@"..path, env);
if not f then return f, err; end
return f, path;
return _M;
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