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Flip-It for Musubi

Flip-It is a flipbook creator and viewer for Musubi. Flip-It uses SocialKit to create and share flipbooks with friends.

Creating Flipbooks

Flip-It is a Musubi application. Flip-It installs itself in the Musubi feed menu by filtering for an intent with action android.intent.action.MAIN and category musubi.intent.category.MENU.

When creating a flipbook, Flip-It hooks into Android's camera application to let the user quickly capture a series of photos. Each photo is shared in Musubi as an obj of type "image". The flipbook is simply an obj with a series of such pictures as children. The flipbook itself has its own given type "flipbook".

   o [flipbook]
    \___o [image 1]
    \___o [image 2]
    \___o [image 3]

Viewing Flipbooks

Flip-It registers to view flipbooks by supporting the VIEW intent for content of type "vnd.musubi.obj/flipbook". When someone clicks to view a flipbook, the FlipbookViewerActivity is invoked with reference to that flipbook. We then use SocialKit to query Musubi's content provider, giving us access to the flipbook's pictures.

We use Android's support library to use the loader api, which helps keep the database query from running on the main thread.