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Culture and Ethos (WIP)

Creative/knowledge-based professionals excel in certain kinds of environments. How communication happens, leadership forms, and decisions are made all have a huge impact on the ability to do a good job for such professionals.

The Work

This work represents a set of values and thoughts around how to build a company that everybody can care about. Perhaps it can form the basis of employee handbooks and the likes, or simply be a public statement.

I hope that others will take this document or ones like it as a basis for their own thoughts and that companies will use this for their employees to see, interact, and collaborate on the very substance of their company.

A lot of the content is super-idealistic but over time it will be toned back to reality, where appropriate, through reasoned discussion and personal experiences.

For now, it serves as a place to collect thoughts and start discussions. There are no holy cows here, and everything is up for discussion or change. I'm very interested in collecting others opinions, criticisms, experience, and resources.


This work does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the contributors' current places of employment, nor should any part be taken as statements about such employers.


Creative Commons License
Company Culture and Ethos by Bo Jeanes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at


On company culture, values, and ethos — a collaborative thought experiment.




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