Command-line tool for manipulating Harvest timesheets
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HCl is a command-line tool for interacting with Harvest time sheets using the Harvest time tracking API.

Quick Start

$ gem install zenhob-hcl --source=
$ hcl show [date]


  • Ruby (tested with 1.8.7)
  • Ruby OpenSSL support (in debian/ubuntu: apt-get install libopenssl-ruby)
  • Ruby extension building support (in debian/ubuntu: apt-get install ruby-dev)
  • RubyGems
  • Trollop option-parsing library (gem install trollop)
  • Chronic date-parsing library (gem install chronic)
  • HighLine console input library (gem install highline)
  • Jeweler packaging tool (needed to build the gem)


hcl show [date]
hcl tasks
hcl set <key> <value ...>
hcl unset <key>
hcl start (<task_alias> | <project_id> <task_id>) [+time] [msg ...]
hcl note <msg ...>
hcl stop

Starting a Timer

To start a new timer you need to identify the project and task. After you've used the show command you can use the tasks command to view a cached list of available tasks. The first two numbers in each row are the project and task IDs. You need both values to start a timer:

$ hcl show
0:00    total
$ hcl tasks
1234 5678   ClientX Software Development
1234 9876   ClientX Admin
$ hcl start 1234 5678 adding a new feature

Task Aliases

Since it's not practical to enter two long numbers every time you want to identify a task, HCl supports task aliases:

$ hcl set task.xdev 1234 5678
$ hcl start xdev adding a new feature

Starting a Timer with Initial Time

You can also provide an initial time when starting a new timer. This can be expressed in floating-point or HH:MM. The following two commands are identical:

$ hcl start xdev +0:15 adding a new feature
$ hcl start +.25 xdev adding a new feature

Adding Notes to a Running Task

While a task is running you can append strings to the note for that task:

$ hcl note Found a good time
$ hcl note or not, whatever...

Stopping a Timer

The following command will stop a running timer (currently only one timer at a time is supported):

$ hcl stop

Date Formats

Dates can be expressed in a variety of ways. See the Chronic documentation for more information about available date input formats. The following commands show the timesheet for the specified day:

$ hcl show yesterday
$ hcl show last friday
$ hcl show 2 days ago
$ hcl show 1 week ago


Zack Hobson, OpenSourcery LLC

See LICENSE for copyright details.