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Collection of TextMate bundles hosted on GitHub to get
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Ack.tmbundle @ 50cda12
Blue Ridge.tmbundle @ 9a706e0
Copy as RTF.tmbundle @ e490dbf
Cucumber.tmbundle @ e776c9a
Fish.tmbundle @ 7c7c56c
Git.tmbundle @ 4751c5f
GitHub.tmbundle @ 675a84f
HTML.tmbundle @ 0bab270
Javascript JQuery.tmbundle @ be81545
Javascript Prototype.tmbundle @ f869329
Javascript.tmbundle @ 2960e65
Make.tmbundle @ f986637
Mocha.tmbundle @ 8559616
Objective-C iPhone.tmbundle @ 05ac38a
Pivotal Tracker.tmbundle @ 82451a3
RSpec.tmbundle @ efe49e8
Ruby Faker.tmbundle @ c7bd3de
Ruby Haml.tmbundle @ e54a1fe
Ruby Machinist.tmbundle @ 709685a
Ruby Shoulda.tmbundle @ 3909ea0
Ruby on Rails.tmbundle @ 4b12999
Ruby.tmbundle @ a9fbd72
RubyAMP.tmbundle @ dae89c1
RubyCocoa.tmbundle @ 95865f9
Sass.tmbundle @ f17b7d1
code-beautifier.tmbundle @ 877a054
javascript tools.tmbundle @ 410efea


To add new bundles to this list use the submodules command:

git submodule add git:// "Project.tmbundle" git submodule update --init git commit -m "Added project-tmbundle" git push

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