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A Warcraft-style tower defense multiplayer flash game for ITB230 at QUT
Ruby JavaScript
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config starting games, joining games (and being denied joining games), sendi…
db cleaned up messages and got rid of hacky lobby code
doc initial commit with juggernaut plugin
lib typo in juggernaut:run rake task
public fixed chat input clear as soon as enter is pressed and fixed life_los…
script Added starter script for juggernaut to use vendored gem binary + rail…
test Stubbed out a game controller
vendor added acts_as_ordered plugin
.gitignore heaps of shit
.gitmodules Updated submodule to point to my own version for juggernaut gem
Capfile added deployment script
README started bridge between js and as3 with pete
Rakefile initial commit with juggernaut plugin


* add income column to playerships
* when a user's lives reach 0
  - add chat message: "Player 1 is dead"
  - update user list "[Dead]"

whole thign centered at 1000px wide
  - 800px for flash
  - 200px for userlist
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