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Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "precise64-omnibus"
config.vm.box_url = ""
# Uncomment the following lines to enable NFS sharing of the Bakery module from
# the host. After running `vagrant up` or `vagrant provision` run `rake share`
# to set the Drupal sites to using the shared Bakery modules.
#config.vm.synced_folder"shared/bakery6").realpath.to_s, "/var/bakery/bakery6", :create => true, :nfs => true
#config.vm.synced_folder"shared/bakery7").realpath.to_s, "/var/bakery/bakery7/", :create => true, :nfs => true
config.vm.provision :chef_solo do |chef|
myconfig = JSON.parse("config/node.json"))
chef.cookbooks_path = ["site-cookbooks", "cookbooks"]
chef.roles_path = "roles"
chef.data_bags_path = "data_bags"
# Run the host with a host-only IP of :private_network, ip: ""