This will read tags you've formatted on an Android phone using NXP Tagwriter
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Requires Arduino 1.0

This example reads an NDEF URI message from an RFID tag that was previously
written from a Nexus S running the NXP TagWriter app.

You must configure your Arduino consistent with the instructions in Tom Igoe's
Arduino-based RFID reader:

Rough notes:

1) Get a Mifare 1K tag.
2) Get a Nexus S.
3) Make sure your Nexus S is running Android 2.3.3 or higher.
4) Install the NXP TagWriter app and write to your tag with it (tap Create,
   choose some content to write to the tag, then bring your Mifare tag within
   range, and confirm the operation).
5) Upload the example to your Arduino (be sure everything is set up like Tom's
6) Open Arduino's Serial Monitor and type 's' to tell the Arduino to 
   start seeking.
7) Hold the tag to the reader and keep it still until you see results in the
   serial monitory.