An embedded web server for the Make Controller with live updating of sensor data
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This is a project for the Make Controller.

See to download the development environment
for the Make Controller.

To use this, upload the application to your Make Controller.

You'll need to connect to the Make Controller from a web browser. This
Application uses for the Make Controller's address. You 
can change this in the Run() method (look for the call to 

NOTE: This demo does not yet work with IE. (Easy enough to fix; coming

Once you've set an appropriate IP address for the application,
connected the Make Controller to your network, you should then
connect a potentiometer to analog pin 0. 

Next, open a browser on your computer (it must be connected to the same
network that you connected the Make Controller to, and it must be on the
same subnet), and open your browser to:


For example:

Turn the knob, and you should see stuff happen!