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There aren't great batteries included examples for modeling text with deep learning, so I've built out this repo with starter code for NLP with keras
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Exploration into NLP modeling w/ Keras.

There aren't great batteries included examples for modeling text with deep learning, so I've built out this repo to contain starter code for:

  • Text processing: Processing text to be utilized with keras (text pre-processing, converting to indices, padding)
  • Pre-trained embedding: Using a pre-trained text embedding (GoogleNews 300) with keras (translating words to a point in \mathbb{R}^{300})
  • Convolutional architecture: Modeling text with a convolutional architecture (functionally similar to Ngrams)
  • RNN architecture: Modeling text with a Recurrent Neural Net (RNN) architecture (functionally similar to a rolling window)

Quick start

To run the Python code, complete the following:

# Create python virtual environment
conda env create -f environment.yml 

# Activate python virtual environment
source activate moby-dick

# Run script
cd bin/

# Warning: The first time you run this script, it'll have to download the data set and pre-trained embeddings. This 
# will take ~15 minutes with a decent internet connection.  

Getting started

Repo structure

  • Code entry point: bin/
  • Configuration file: conf/confs.yaml (you need to create it from the template!)
  • Schemas: data/schema/[step_name].csv

Python Environment

Python code in this repo utilizes packages that are not part of the common library. To make sure you have all of the appropriate packages, please install Anaconda, and install the environment described in environment.yml (Instructions here, under Use environment from file, and Change environments (activate/deactivate)).


This application requires some configuration before it can run correctly. Please use the commands below to set up the configs:

# Create configuration file
cp conf/confs.yaml.template conf/confs.yaml

# Fill out confs (This requires work on your end!)
open conf/confs.yaml


Feel free to contact me at Brendan Herger capitalone com

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