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Spoilers model

tl;dr: Determining which Reddit posts contain Star Wars spoilers, using a series of character level deep learning models.

Getting started

Repo structure

  • bin/ Code entry point
  • conf.yaml.template: Configuration file
  • docs/results: Serialized, pre-trained models
  • bin/ A reddit scraper

Python Environment

Python code in this repo utilizes packages that are not part of the common library. To make sure you have all of the appropriate packages, please install Anaconda, for Python 2, and install the environment described in environment.yml (Instructions here).

To run code

To run the Python code, complete the following:

# Install anaconda spoilers
conda env create -f environment.yml 

# Activate environment
source activate spoilers

# Run script
cd bin/

This will train a model using a serialized (already scraped data set). These models can take hours to run on expensive GPUs; I'd highly suggest setting the test_run flag to true in confs.yaml during any development work.

Configuration file


This application has a number of configurations that can (and should) be modified. Please use the commands below to set up the configs:

# Create configuration file
cp conf/confs.yaml.template conf/confs.yaml

# Fill out confs (This requires work on your end!)
open conf/confs.yaml

A few interesting configurations to be aware of:

  • test_run: If true, the app will randomly sample a small number of observations from the data set. This is great for testing features before big data runs
  • new_data_pull: If true, the app will attempt to scrape a new data set from Reddit. Setting this flag to true requires client_secret and client_id to be set.
  • client_secret and client_id: Credentials for a Reddit bot.


Feel free to contact me at 13herger <at> gmail <dot> com