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Snapped, a quick photoblog


Snapped is a quick photoblog to quickly place Flickr photos on a pedestal. I use Snapped:

Think of it as the first iteration of your photoblog. There's so little code, you can adapt it to your purpose like easy.


Snapped makes posting photos a breeze. Take the URL to any Flickr photo page and paste it in, click submit and you have a new post.

The tech:

  • Flickr as a backend

  • Markdown for descriptions

  • Atom feed

  • Sinatra

  • MongoDB with MongoMapper

  • Easy deployment via Heroku + MongoHQ


You gotta have MongoDB installed locally, son. You gotta sign up for a free Heroku account and install the free MongoHQ addon. Bundler should get all the gems for you.


Edit main.rb and change the Blog config struct at the top as needed. Change the admin password and the admin cookie key and value. Just set them to any random value you'd like.

Flickr API keys can be generated here:

You've installed and started MongoDB, right? Homebrew is your friend:


$ bundle install

Run the server:

$ ruby main.rb

And visit: localhost:4567/auth

Log in with the password you selected, then click Get Snappin'. Go ahead and paste a Flickr URL in and watch Snapped do the rest.


MongoDB is really excellent. Once you have it running locally, it should Just Work™. And for deployment to Heroku, MongoHQ is also a snap to setup:


Things you might need to know if you're not familiar with Heroku:


Created by Barry Hess

Snapped is heavily influenced by the blogging software, Scanty ( In fact, this project was started with Scanty and then heavily modified to become Snapped.

Much props also to photoblog:

Copyright © 2011 Barry Hess. Released under the MIT license: