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+HSImageSidebarView is a subclass of UIview for displaying a collection of images.
+It was designed specifically with the iPad in mind, but should work on the iPhone
+as well. The images are arranged either horizontally or vertically, depending on the
+dimensions of the view. It supports selection, scrolling, drag-and-drop
+rearranging, and drag-and-drop deletion. The API is patterned after UITableView,
+so it will be familiar to Cocoa Touch programmers.
+An HSImageSidebarView is created using the standard initWithFrame: method
+on UIView.
+ // Create an 80-pixel sidebar on the left side of the screen
+ HSImageSidebarView *sidebar = [[HSImageSidebarView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 80, 1024)];
+ sidebar.delegate = self;
+ [parentView addSubview:sidebar];
+ [sidebar release];
+It can also be created in Interface Builder by adding a UIView and then setting
+its class (in IB) to HSImageSidebarView.
+The image sidebar receives all its information through delegate methods. The
+two required methods are these:
+ - (NSUInteger)countOfImagesInSidebar:(HSImageSidebarView *)sidebar;
+ - (UIImage *)sidebar:(HSImageSidebarView *)sidebar imageForIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex;
+When a user taps, moves, or deletes an image, the delegate can be notified through
+one of these methods:
+ - (void)sidebar:(HSImageSidebarView *)sidebar didTapImageAtIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex;
+ - (void)sidebar:(HSImageSidebarView *)sidebar didMoveImageAtIndex:(NSUInteger)oldIndex toIndex:(NSUInteger)newIndex;
+ - (void)sidebar:(HSImageSidebarView *)sidebar didRemoveImageAtIndex:(NSUInteger)anIndex;
+*HSImageSidebarView requires iOS 4.0 or later*. A sample project is included to
+demonstrate usage.
+To Do
+The following are features which I would like to see added, but which haven't
+been completed yet:
+- Make sure it works on iPhone.
+- Expose selection color property
+- Enable/disable drag-to-move
+- Enable/disable drag-to-delete
+- Be smarter about calculating the image frame when the the aspect fit
+ doesn't fill the whole frame. (This mostly applies when trying to position
+ a popover correctly.)

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