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horizontal scrolling #7

sdivekar opened this Issue · 7 comments

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How do I use this to do horizontal scrolling? I interchanged the width and height of the "Image Sidebar View" in the sample, but it does not show up.

Can you please help?



My intention was that if the view is wider than it is tall, than it should automatically use horizontal scrolling. Are you not seeing that behavior?


I've just tested it, and it's definitely scrolling horizontally for me.

One thing to note is that the detection for horizontal/vertical mode currently happens upon initialization. That is, if you have a vertical sidebar in your xib, and then change its frame to be horizontal in code at some later point, it will be too late, as the orientation will have already been fixed upon initialization.

That's probably something that could stand to be improved, but for now, that's how it is.


For me, horizontal scrolling is working only in portrait orientation. In landscape orientation scrolling seems to be disabled. Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance


+1 horizontal scrolling is not working

swapped the width and height, and debugged to check if the isHorizontal is YES, and sure enough it is. But it's not even firing the scrollViewDidScroll

any thoughts ?


I'll look into this


first of all, Thank you for your work ^_^ and secondly I think I figured out what's causing this, laziness.

what I did and I assume what people did before me, is directly resizing the example's UIView hoping that it will pick it up automagically, it does that but the autoresizing masks are already messed up.

sorry for not updating earlier.

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