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i added 2 BOOL properties to the HSImageSidebarView Class, dragToMove and dragToDelete, so that can be disabled\enabled Moving and Deleting behiavour


Mostly looks good.

A few notes:

  • I think dragToMove and dragToDelete should be YES by default to ensure backward compatibility for anyone already using the project. They should be able to update to the latest version without making any other changes to their code.
  • The first commit in this pull request doesn't compile on its own. (That's why you added the second one, understood.) It would be nice if we could squash those two commits together into one, so that the commit history is cleaner. If you're not familiar with changing history in git, it's really worth learning. See http://help.github.com/rebase/ for a place to start. If you're just too hesitant to do that, I could just do it myself, but it's a good learning opportunity for you, and it's not really that hard.
  • The last commit message talks about dragToEnable, which isn't a thing. :) So again, here's an opportunity to use git rebase -i

I still need to actually check out the project with your changes and look at it more closely. I'll probably do that later today. But from what I could see in the github diff viewer, it looks pretty good.


It appears that if dragToDelete = YES and dragToMove = NO, then when you drag something but don't drag to delete it, then the cell remains partially transparent. I'll probably just patch it up myself and merge it in directly. But I thought I'd let you know.

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