dragToMove and dragToDelete implemented + 2 bugfix #6

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ghost commented Jan 11, 2012

  • implemented 2 property dragToMove and dragToDelete on HSImageSidebarView, they are YES for default (I haven't updated the project to reflect it, but if you think can be a good idea, do it, maybe we can use 2 or 3 HSImageSidebarView on the sample to show difference behiavour).
  • bugfix1: setted Clip Subview in xib so that HSImageSidebarView cannot draw outself (maybe should be done directly on setupViewHierarchy?). EDIT: oh ok, you used to show the UIImage* also when user move outside the control, but we should think how to handle it, because right now is a problem when we have a SideBar little than the entire width or height, and w\o clip to bounds, we lose the ability to show the UIImage* when moved out of the control, what you think?
  • bugfix2: it is unrelated to the new additions, but i discovered this bug testing for it. If you take an element and drag to upper of the scrollview, cause a weird behiavour (it get deleted, but should not be), so i fixed it.

danydev added some commits Jan 11, 2012

enabled Clip Subview on the HSImageSidebarView on SidebarViewControll…

This to avoid that the HSImageSidebarView draw itself out of the bounds
when is smaller that the entire width or height.
added 2 property to HSImageSidebarView: dragToMode and dragToDelete, …
…for default YES

Tested properly now, seem to work fine
BugFix: when you move an element on the upper part of the HSImageSide…
…BarView, it go deleted, in this mode, it go deleted, only when you move outside the UIScrollView

bjhomer commented May 4, 2012

There are some serious regressions introduced with this changeset. The improvements themselves seem like a good idea, but this particular implementation won't work.

@bjhomer bjhomer closed this May 4, 2012

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