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This app currently only provides RESTFUL endpoints for calculating BMR and TDEE for an individual.

The project uses stack to manage the project.

Building the project

stack build

Running tests and coverage

stack test
stack test --coverage

Starting an interactive shell (ghci) for testing purpose

stack ghci

If you want to start the server wihin ghci, simply run the main function under the ghci prompt.

Running app server locally

stack exec fitnesspro-backend

Enable/Disable Docker container support

Change option enable under docker in stack.yml to true if you want the app to run in a Docker container, and false otherwise.

# Docker build setup
# All stack commands will run inside a Linux container
  enable: false
  run-args: ["--net=bridge", "-p", "8000:8000", "-p", "3000:3000"]

Please note if Docker container support is enabled, your local IDE linting support may be hindered.

Resource monitoring

Through UI

To view real time stats around request and OS resource usage, simply visit http://localhost:8000.

Through HTTP request

To query the above stats through HTTP request, simply invoke a GET call like the following

curl -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:8000/

and you will get a JSON response.