Code for generating the scores for NU's Green Cup and Greek Green Cup competitions.
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Located here is the code that calculates scores for NU Green Cup and NU Greek Green Cup.

How Scores are Calculated

For each division (fraternities, sororities, dorms with dining facilities, and dorms without dining facilities), there is a pool of 10,000 points. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

Savings points

Of those 10,000 points, 7,000 are earned by saving electricity and water. Each week in February, electricity and water meters are read and the 1,750 (7000/4) savings points for that week are distributed based on percent reduction per person. If your dorm or greek house reduces their usage of electricity or water, you'll get points no matter what- how many depends on how the other houses/dorms do. For example, if your house/dorm reduces by 2% and another group reduces by 10%, they'll get 5 times as many points as you. If you don't reduce at all, or if your house/dorm actually increases their usage, you get no points.

Water and electricity are weighted equally, and reduction scores start new every week- they're always compared against your pre-Green Cup baseline reading, so how you've done during other Green Cup weeks has no effect on your score. For example, doing really well in the first week doesn't mean you have to do even better in the second to continue to earn points.

Participation points

The remaining 3,000 points are divided up based on participation. There are 300 points up for grabs for participating in Green Cup Facebook challenges (with the exception of Sweater Day, which is worth 337.5 points by itself), and 337.5 points up for grabs at each Green Cup event. These points are divided up in a similar way to the savings points, except that instead of percent reduction, it's percent participation that counts. So if you live in a dorm with 300 people and 30 of you attend an event, that's 10% participation- which could equate to all 337.5 points if nobody from other dorms in your division attends, or it could equate to 112.5 (one third of the points) if another dorm brings 20% of their members.

The breakdown

So together, savings make up 70% of your final score, and participation makes up 30% of your final score. Of the 70% for savings, the points are split 50/50 between electricity savings and water savings, and of the 30% for events, the points are split 10/90 between Facebook challenges and real-world event attendence/Sweater Day.

May the best greek houses and dorms win! Scores will be posted weekly on the Green Cup Facebook page.

Open source use

Software contained in this repository is licensed under the MIT License (see the LICENSE file), free to be used without restriction. Fork it and use it at your school!