Small script to compute Bradley–Terry pairwise ranking model and upload results to Google Sheets
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Bradley-Terry Model Ranking Script

A small script to compute Bradley–Terry model that:

  1. Pulls down pairwise match data from a Google spreadsheet.
  2. Computes the Bradley-Terry model with a simple regularization scheme (dummy games).
  3. Uploads the scaled scores back to the same Google spreadsheet in a new tab.

I quickly wrote this up in an afternoon so that we could track our relative rankings in ping ping at the office. I put it on a cron job and give everyone access to the sheet at work.


  • You will need to setup an API key for gspread to access your Google sheet:
  • Make sure you share the target Google sheet with the email address associated with your credentials (usually a randomly generated one).
  • The "Game Data" sheet should have 5 columns: date, Player A, Player B, Wins A, Wins B
  • The "Ranking" sheet show the score for each player scaled between 0 and 1000. It can be interpreted as probability of Player A beating Player B is (Score_A) / (Score_A + Score_B).