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ScorchOS is a 32-bit protected mode hobby kernel.
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0.1.5 is a code cleanup, nothing should change from 0.1 except the codebase is much cleaner to look at, less
comment bloat too. Everything is concise now. This is a minor patch before a major release, Hope to see you

Primis (10/31/2012)

IMPORTANT: Linux support for Bochs has been broken on some distros. We advice you use the bochs-sdl plug-in on 32-bit systems & have edited bochsrc.txt accordingly (it is not possible to get things working on 64-bit setups. If development resumes on ScorchOS I will look further into this problem).

Also, 'qemu' is no longer provided as a bash command on many modern distributions (such as Ubuntu 12.04 and later). Test scripts now launch the kvm directly.

This release only provides minor patches to ensure that this 2 year-old kernel can still run on modern emulators!

Bob Moss (30/10/2012)

This is the third kernel produced by the ScorchOS developers. Though you might not find anything too ground-breaking 
here the aim has been to produce a sound base from which to build into the future. Please report any issues you 

Bob (20/12/2010)

IMPORTANT: Do not expect the disk image you download from the SVN repository to have an up-to-date version
of ScorchOS on it. It is only there so you do not have to keep regenerating images and adding grub to it!

Primis (12/20/2010) <- that's a US date stamp FYI
Makefile has been added, currently expects that you have a cross compiler in your path called i586-elf-gcc and 
i586-elf-ld. If you have a differnet cross compiler name such as MinGW, open the makefile, and modify the following:

C_COMPILER = (your cross compiler's gcc here)
LINKER = (your cross linker here)





ScorchOS 0.1 has been tested on the following packages:
Oracle Virtualbox

Just mount 'disk_images\scorch.img' as a floppy on your virtual machine at boot time

ScorchOS 0.1 has been tested on the following packages:
Oracle Virtualbox
qemu (also requires additional kvm-pxe in Ubuntu Lucid)

As above, just mount 'disk_images/scorch.img' as a floppy on the virtual machine in Virtualbox
But in Linux, you can run '' to test the ScorchOS in qemu. Just make sure it's installed!

You can also run ScorchOS 0.1 off a real floppy disc on a real PC if you wish to
(at your own risk!). Check the 'Building' section for directions as to how to do this.


Requires: nasm and i586-elf GCC cross compiler.
Run makefile from prompt as "make all" take your kernel from bin/kernel.x and put on a disk with grub, edit your menu.lst and boot.
If you need a virtual floppy device to moung the .img to put your kernel on, try vfdwin (Google is your friend here)   

Requires: gcc, binutils and nasm, naked gcc cross compiler (see, sudo
Run '' with standard user privalages to build the kernel and add to the Scorch floppy image.

For budding testers, ScorchOS has not been tested on the following packages:

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
VMware Player
VMware Server

VMware Player
VMware Server

(All packages - also no build support for this platform)

We assume ScorchOS could work with those software packages/platforms, but they are not officially supported.
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