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Deforestation tracking over time with NDVI
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  • NodeJS
  • A Mapbox token
  • ProbaV HDF5 files
  • HDF5

Get the Proba-V HDF5 files

The Terms of User prohibits me from posting the data files to a network so you'll unfortunately have to copy them yourself.

Navigate to, choose 1 KM (free data), then click on "S10-TOC-NDVI - Global 10-daily composites, Top-Of-Canopy, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index band", or you can use this link if the website has changed.

A free signup or required to download the HDF5 files, so register first (top right-hand corner).

We'll be looking at South Africa, so you can draw a rectangle on the map or choose the following Region Of Interest (ROI):

Latitude: from -20 to -28 Longitude: from 10 to 35

The under Date we'll choose 11/02/2019-11/02/2019 Note United States Users - the date format is not US, but World format, i.e. day first.

Click on "Search".

There should be one row in the table, with Product ID "PV_S10_TOC_NDVI-20190211_1KM_V101".

Select the left-most checkbox and click "Order now..."

You will receive an email with the FTP link to download.

Once you have downloaded the files, copy them to resources/

$ ls -lhR resources/
total 0
drwx------  14 bjnortier  staff   448B Feb 27 16:47 PV_S10_TOC_NDVI_20190211_1KM_V101

total 12336
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff    51K Feb 27 16:44 INSPIRE.xml
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   531B Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.VRG
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff    13K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.xml
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   806K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X19Y09_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   734K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X19Y10_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   134K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X19Y11_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   954K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X20Y09_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   913K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X20Y10_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   294K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X20Y11_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   950K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X21Y09_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   908K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X21Y10_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5
-rw-------@ 1 bjnortier  staff   236K Feb 27 16:44 PROBAV_S10_TOC_X21Y11_20190211_1KM_NDVI_V101.hdf5

There are 9 HDF files in the ROI.


Follow the instruction on

or if you're on a Mac you can install via Homebrew:

$ brew install hdf5

Install all app dependencies

$ npm i

Create PNG files for each HDF5 tile

$ node src/scripts/createPNGs.js

Fetch the country boundary GeoJSON data

$ npm install -g data-cli
$ data get
$ data info core/geo-countries
$ tree core/geo-countries

Set up env

MAPBOX token

Run app

$ npm run start

Convert KNP

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