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[MAINTENANCE] Code generation from python (for meta programming and use with sympy)
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pycodeexport is a Python package which bundles convenience classes and functions for code-generation. The package has been developed to aid on-the-fly compilation (meta-programming) of math related problems expressed as SymPy expressions. Note that this package has an alpha development status.


Example using pip (modify to your own needs):

$ python3 -m pip install --user pycodeexport


Mako comes highly recommended as a template engine. For easier usage, a convenience method is provided in pycodeexport.util. The Code classes in pycodeexport.codeexport use this too.


Look at examples/* which show how pycodeexport can be used.

You may also look at other projects:


Open Source. Released under the very permissive simplified (2-clause) BSD license. See LICENSE for further details.

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