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- External changes
Objects (Schedule, Clock, Drawer, Table, Node) are now called OrgSchedule, OrgClock, OrgDrawer, OrgTable, OrgNode to avoid conflicts
OrgSchedule: Added the support for combo lines (SCHEDULED+DEADLINE+CLOSED)
OrgClock: Now uses the new OrgDate class
DataStructure is now called OrgDataStructure
- Internal changes
Restructuration of the .org tangling-file (Document, Code and Tests sections for each kind of class)
Restructuration of Plugin and Elements system (mainly to keep the indentation)
OrgDate: A new class for managing date and times (and active/inactive time-date formats)
Included the patch from KAIHOLA Antti about a wrong parenting bug
- Documentation
Added some details about functions (a lot of work remains)
- Tests
Added the test from KAIHOLA Antti for the parser
Added the different test tools from KAIGOLA Antti (like test_simple-agenda updated to use unittest)
- Python compliance
Added the minimal setup file of KAIHOLA Antti
- External changes
Added the patch from KAIHOLA Antti about time format.
- External changes
Added a Clock plugin in order to manage CLOCK: elements
Thank to "siberianlaika" for the idea
Added a TYPE attribute to the different OrgPlugins elements
Maybe we should find a more practical way than this one
Removed some debug "prints"
Indentation problem that causes wrong reparenting
Thanks to Matthew Robison for his patch
Added a append_clean function to Node class
This function is used to add a tree to a node
A call to reparent_cleanlevels is done at the end
Added reparent_cleanlevels to Node class
This function reparent all the elements. Using a
content to parent way of doing. It checks the content
of the first element (call it E), and set the parent of
each E-childs to E. This is really useful when moving
one tree to another place.
Loading the default plugins in the Node class init.
This avoids to do it in the load_from_file (which was a
bad idea).
Added a new example
using the TYPE attribute and append_clean.
- External changes
Added load_plugin function to DataStructure
- Internal changes
Renamed Plugin class to OrgPlugin
Added close function to plugins
Adding Table cells subdivision (easier editing)
- Structure change
Added in the document
- Internal changes
Added Plugin system (simplifying the main loop of DataStructure)
The DataStructure class is now an OrgElement
- External changes
Node,Table,Drawer and Schedule are now plugins.
Their object method is now joined by PluginName.Element
- New elements
Added Table element (as a Plugin)
- Changed elements
Node : Added priority management
- New elements
Added Schedule element for 'DEADLINE: and 'SCHEDULED:
- Optimizations
Class DataStructure : Trying to simplify the Reg exps
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