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Listen to a UDP socket for QSO information from N1MM instances, and push them
to a QSO database.
N1MM has to be configured with [IP of current host]:12060 in the "Contact" field under Config -> Config Ports ... -> Broadcast Data.
Run with --help to see options.
Assumes a configuration file containing postgresql connection information.
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import socket
import sys
import xmltodict
import qso_database
import argparse
import configparser
def contact_to_short_string(contact):
return str(contact['timestamp']) + ' ' + str(contact['call'])
class n1mm_handler:
Handler of N1MM XML contact messages.
def __init__(self, qso_db, verbose=False):
Create handler.
qso_db: qso_database instance
QSO database.
verbose: boolean, optional
Whether to print status messages to stdout.
self.last_deleted_contact = None
self.qso_db = qso_db
self.verbose = verbose
def handle_message(self, msg):
Read N1MM XML message and do the appropriate database action.
msg: str
XML message.
msg = xmltodict.parse(msg)
if 'contactinfo' in msg.keys():
#insert new QSO
contact = msg['contactinfo']
if self.verbose:
print('Inserted ' + contact_to_short_string(contact))
elif 'contactdelete' in msg.keys():
#delete QSO
contact = msg['contactdelete']
qso_id = self.qso_db.get_qso_id(contact['timestamp'], contact['call'])
if self.verbose:
print('Deleted ', contact_to_short_string(contact), ' at qsoid = ', qso_id)
#keep information about the deleted QSO since it might lead to
#a subsequent contactreplace
self.last_deleted_contact = contact
self.last_deleted_contact['qsoid'] = qso_id
elif 'contactreplace' in msg.keys():
contact = msg['contactreplace']
#contactreplace is preceded by contactdelete, but contactdelete
#sometimes does not contain sufficient information to identify the QSO.
#Wild ride for obtaining a qsoid:
if self.last_deleted_contact['qsoid'] is None:
#qsoid was not possible to obtain from contactdelete message, got None.
#(contactdelete sometimes contains 1970-01-01 as timestamp, None as call.)
#Try to obtain from contactreplace message instead
qsoid = self.qso_db.get_qso_id(contact['timestamp'], contact['call'])
#qsoid was obtainable from contactdelete message.
qsoid = self.last_deleted_contact['qsoid']
#... but this also means that the QSO was deleted, so need
#to revert that in order to be able to modify it
if qsoid is None:
#could not look up qsoid based on contactdelete or contactreplace,
#so timestamp or call is to be changed without us having obtained the information from
#contactdelete. Try to guess:
candidates = []
candidates.append(self.qso_db.get_qso_id(contact['timestamp'], self.last_deleted_contact['call']))
candidates.append(self.qso_db.get_qso_id(self.last_deleted_contact['timestamp'], contact['call']))
qsoid = [v for v in candidates if v is not None]
if len(qsoid) > 0:
qsoid = qsoid[0]
if self.verbose:
print('Gave up, not able to find matching QSO record for contactreplace: ', contact_to_short_string(contact))
#modify QSO
self.qso_db.update_qso(qsoid, contact)
if self.verbose:
print('Replaced ', contact_to_short_string(contact), 'at qsoid = ', qsoid)
if __name__ == '__main__':
#UDP socket against N1MM
n1mm = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
n1mm.bind(('', 12060))
#read db config
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Listen for XML messages from N1MM, push to QSO database.')
parser.add_argument('--db-config-path', default='db_config.ini', help='Path to config file containing postgresql connection information. See docstring of for description.')
parser.add_argument('--verbose', action='store_true', help='Whether to print verbose messages.')
args = parser.parse_args()
db_config = configparser.ConfigParser()
db_config = db_config['db_config']
#qso database
qso_db = qso_database.qso_database(dbname=db_config['dbname'],
#n1mm handler
handler = n1mm_handler(qso_db, verbose=args.verbose)
#receive and parse contacts
while (True):
msg = n1mm.recv(5024);
msg = msg.decode('utf-8')
except xmltodict.expat.ExpatError:
print("XML message not well-formed, continuing")
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