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A basic Web GUI to drive rotctld rotators.
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Basic Rotctld Web GUI

This Flask application was forked off from (Mark Jessop, 2018-07-07), with the intention of adding support for multiple rotors and adapting it for the use at the LA1K club station.


  • Python (3.x)
  • Python Modules: flask, flask-socketio (can obtain using pip)

Configuration file

Uses a configuration file to specify rotors to connect to. Example:




Tries by default to look it up in /usr/local/etc/rotors.conf, should otherwise be specified by argument --config-file=PATH. See --help.

Uses the same configuration file format as the system specified in,


  • Start rotctld (refer rotctld documentation)
  • python
  • Navigate to http://localhost:5001/ (or equivalent IP)

Run python --help for command line options:

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