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0.14.2 (12 October 2015)
* Added Polish translation
* Fixed layer offsets missing in the Lua export
* Fixed JSON tileset format missing in 'Add External Tileset' action
* Fixed language selection entries for Portuguese
* Fixed an issue with copy/pasting when using image collection tilesets
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
0.14.1 (28 September 2015)
* Added missing 'renderorder' property to the Lua export
* Fixed editing of properties of tiles captured from the map
0.14.0 (21 September 2015)
* Added support for custom external tileset formats (JSON format added)
* Added support for shifting layers by some distance in pixels
* Added back object name labels in a much improved form
* Added tile stamp variation support to the fill tool
* Synchronize tileset selection when capturing tiles from the map
* Change tile in collision and animation editors based on selected tile object
* Keep the active brush when switching maps
* Python plugins can now add export-only map formats
* Fixed updating of current tile when changing map
* Fixed animated tile overlay to look less odd in some cases
* Fixed Save As dialog popping up when saving fails
* Fixed tilesets view collapsing when switching maps on OS X
* Updated Russian, Spanish, Czech, French, Japanese, German, Dutch and Bulgarian translations
0.13.1 (6 September 2015)
* Added Bulgarian translation (by Lyubomir Vasilev)
* Updated Spanish, French and Dutch translations
0.13.0 (10 August 2015)
* Added persistent Tile Stamps with support for variations (#969)
* Added Select Same Tile tool (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Added option to disable opening of last files on startup (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Added tilecount property to TMX, JSON and Lua map formats (#806)
* Added tileset properties to Properties view, as read-only (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Added Save All action (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Added translation of command line messages (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Added menu item linking to online documentation
* Object selection outlines are now drawn on top of everything
* Select new objects after they have been created
* Made the starting point for polylines and polygons visible
* Use the tile probability property also in random mode
* Ungrouped position and size properties (#892)
* CSV plugin: Extended to export all tile layers (by Alejandro Cámara)
* Lua and JSON plugins: Added support for layer data compression
* Fixed crash when changing flipping flag for multiple objects (by Mamed Ibrahimov)
* Fixed Ctrl+T causing a crash when no maps are open
* Fixed availability of 'Execute in Terminal' command on Linux with Qt 5
* Fixed drag object mouse cursor to appear only when it should
* Fixed selected file format when doing Save As with a non-TMX map
* Fixed problems with infinate scaling factors when resizing objects
* Require at least Qt 5.1.0
* Require compiler support for C++11
* Updated Russian, German, Czech and Italian translations
0.12.3 (1 June 2015)
* Fixed updating of map view when rotating objects with Z key
* Fixed updating of map view when joining, splitting or deleting polygon nodes
* Fixed a crash when reading an invalid TMX file
* Fixed live automapping updates when moving the mouse fast
* Made Backspace work for deleting collision objects and animation frames
0.12.2 (22 May 2015)
* Fixed updating of map view when moving objects with arrow keys
* Fixed compatibility issue with tile objects affecting the JSON format
0.12.1 (19 May 2015)
* Fixed updating of map view when changing objects from properties view
* Fixed updating of Properties view while objects are moved/resized
* Fixed terrain information getting lost when reading JSON maps
0.12.0 (14 May 2015)
* Added support for resizing any object as well as multiselection (with mauve)
* Added Control modifier for preserving aspect ratio while resizing
* Added Shift modifier for resizing with origin in the middle
* Added Alt modifier for suppressing selection changes when starting to drag
* Added a Magic Wand selection tool (by Henry Jia)
* Added tile probability attribute to tile properties view
* Added a Donate button to the About dialog
* Added a Patreon dialog to the Help menu
* Added an --export-formats command line option
* Remember the directory used for external tilesets (by Henry Jia)
* Don't set a window icon on Mac OS X
* Changed the way tile probability is applied (now it's relative)
* Fixed a crash in the terrain brush
* Fixed object selection behavior when Shift is held while clicking on nothing
* Fixed grid snapping being applied for staggered maps even when not enabled
* Fixed infinite memory allocation loop on invalid tile size in TMX file
* Fixed file icon associated with TMX files on Windows
* Fixed automapping of tile objects (by Seanba)
* Fixed 'Export as Image' to handle out of memory errors
* Fixed TMX files to be written in native line endings
* Fixed .desktop file missing %f argument for passing files (by Ying-Chun Liu)
* Fixed cursor position resetting when editing object type
* Added Arabic (Algeria) translation (by Damene Abdelkader)
* Updated, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish translations
0.11.0 (11 January 2015)
* Added support for hexagonal maps (offset coordinates)
* Added 'Export' action to repeat the last export
* Added a shortcut for the Reload action (Ctrl+R)
* Added ability to rename custom properties (by arn00d)
* Added unique IDs to objects (by Mark van Rij)
* Added a CSV export plugin
* Added visual feedback when properties differ between multiple selected objects (by Parker Miller)
* Added command-line export (by Brandon Dillon)
* Allow dynamically changing the map orientation and grid size
* Suppress the standard main window context menu in the collision editor
* Lua plugin: Write out tile terrain information
* Lua plugin: Include Tiled version in exported file
* Flare plugin: Fixed ability to open maps with absolute paths
* Fixed grid rendering for staggered maps
* Fully support building and running Tiled with Qbs
* Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations
0.10.2 (23 October 2014)
* Fixed hit area for polygon nodes when editing polygons while zoomed in or out
* Fixed another possible crash in the orthogonal renderer
* Fixed Select All action to work for object layers
* Fixed map pixel size preview for staggered maps
* Fixed repainting issues when tiles extend beyond their layer boundaries
* Fixed repainting issues when using tiles smaller than the grid size
* Display errors non-modal when applying automatic automapping rules
* Flare plugin: Fixed coordinate format for import and export (by Justin Jacobs)
* Lua plugin: Write out Image layer position
* Small updates to the Italian translation (by Omnomnobot)
0.10.1 (21 September 2014)
* Fixed a crash that could happen when using the terrain tool
* Fixed missing background color information from Lua export
* Allow using up to 3 or 4 GB RAM on 32 or 64 bit Windows systems respectively
0.10.0 (14 September 2014)
* Added object rotation (sponsored by Ben Wales)
* Added support for explicit object ordering (sponsored by Ben Wales)
* Added new Properties window with a rewritten properties editor
* Added support for writing plugins in Python (by Samuli Tuomola)
* Added image collection tilesets (sponsored by Jamie Rocks)
* Added map file watching and automatic reloading (sponsored by
* Added support for moving objects with arrow keys (sponsored by Ben Wales)
* Added a 'snap to fine grid' option (by Xenodora)
* Added support for JavaScript (JSONP) load/save (by Dobes Vandermeer)
* Added more zoom levels (by Joel Leclerc)
* Added shortcuts for finishing and canceling object creation
* Added a tile collision editor for defining collision shapes on tiles
* Added a tile animation editor and play defined animations
* Allow changing properties of multiple objects/tiles simultanously (by Parker Miller)
* Added tile rendering-order map property (by Lennert Raesch)
* Added support for changing the object line width
* Added support for CSV-encoded layers to libtiled-java (by Alexei Bratuhin)
* Added support for ellipse and polygon objects to libtiled-java (by Hendrik Brummermann)
* Added terrain properties to JSON export (by Dennis Hostetler)
* Added support for moving image layers in the Properties window (by Michael Aquilina)
* Added option to include background image when saving as image (by Sean Humeniuk)
* Added options to control layer visibility to tmxrasterizer (by Nathan Tolbert)
* Added display of tile ID in status bar (by Champi080)
* Added support for objects on staggered isometric maps (by Remco Kuijper)
* Added support for staggered maps to tmxviewer and tmxrasterizer
* Added a tool for moving the image of an image layer (by Mattia Basaglia)
* Added button to the tileset dock as shortcut to add a tileset (by Erik Schilling)
* Allow changing order of open document tabs (by Sean Humeniuk)
* Changed object position and size units from tiles to pixels (by mauve)
* Allow adding multiple tilesets at once (by mauve)
* Make highlighted grid cells outside map red (by Sean Humeniuk)
* Allow changing the drawing offset of a tileset
* Fixed hang on Mac OS X when drawing certain ellipse objects
* Fixed removal of polygon/polyline objects when resizing a map
* Fixed writing of tile offset in the Lua export
* Fixed updating of image layer when changing its image
* Fixed start drag distance check when editing polygons and moving objects
* Fixed console output of tmxrasterizer on Windows
* Raise the Layers dock for editing a new layer's name
* Avoid saving truncated files when compiled against Qt 5.1 or higher (by Erik Schilling)
* Made Tiled registering *.tmx as MIME-type (by Erik Schilling)
* Added Traditional Chinese translation (by Yehnan Chiang)
* Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish translations
0.9.1 (27 July 2013)
* Added saving of map background to JSON format (by Petr Viktorin)
* Added saving of terrain information to JSON format (by Petr Viktorin)
* Object Selection tool now always start selecting objects when holding Shift
* Increased maximum for tileset margin and spacing to 9999
* Some updates to libtiled-java (by Oskar Wiksten)
* Install the automappingconverter application (relevant on Linux)
* Avoid using Windows 95 style (was used on some Linux desktop environments)
* Removed layer name checks from the Flare export plugin (by Stefan Beller)
* Double-clicking an object now opens the Object Properties dialog
* Fixed Object Properties dialog not remembering its size
* Fixed object drawing order for image saving and mini-map
* Fixed some plurals in English translation
* Fixed line widths when zooming in Qt 5
* Fixed updating of image layer when its opacity or image is changed
* Fixed display of grid in tileset view on certain zoom levels
* Fixed save in wrong format after opening a map with plugin (by Mike Hendricks)
* Fixed closing Tiled being very slow with many maps
* Fixed saving of image layer properties in the Lua format
* Fixed escaping of special characters in the Lua format
* Fixed handling of relative paths for image layers in the JSON plugin
0.9.0 (27 January 2013)
* Added objects dock and per-object visibility toggle (by Tim Baker)
* Added maps dock (by Tim Baker)
* Added terrain tool for automatic terrain transitions (by Manu Evans)
* Added a minimap (by Christoph Schnackenberg)
* Added a staggered isometric map renderer, still without object layer support
* Added basic image layer support (by Gregory Nickonov and Alexander Kuhrt)
* Added display of current layer to the status bar (by Tim Baker)
* Added editable combo box for changing the zoom level (by Tim Baker)
* Added support for multiple input layers to automapping (by Stefan Beller)
* Added option to apply automapping rules while editing (by Stefan Beller)
* Added a converter to update old automapping rules (by Stefan Beller)
* Added support for objects layers to automapping (by Stefan Beller)
* Added support for random mode to the fill tool (by Stefan Beller)
* Added Replica Island plugin (by Eric Kidd)
* Added option to change the grid color (by Stefan Beller)
* Added support for ellipse objects (by devnewton and Christoph Schnackenberg)
* Added name labels for objects on isometric maps (by Andrew Motrenko)
* Added map property for changing the background color (by Emmanuel Barroga)
* Added shortcut to manually reload tilesets (Ctrl-T) (by Michael Williams)
* Added toggle for showing tile object outlines
* Added support for pinch zooming (by Pierre-David Bélanger)
* Added initial (non-GUI) support for individual and/or embedded tile images
(by Petr Viktorin)
* Added reading support to Flare plugin (by Stefan Beller)
* Added a TMX rasterizer command line tool (by Vincent Petithory)
* Added man pages and desktop file (by Erik Schilling)
* Made the size and position of most dialogs persistent
* Respect the original layer data format of a loaded map (by Ben Longbons)
* Marked Tiled as high-resolution capable on Mac OS X
* Improved handling of external tilesets in Lua export
* Reverted tilesets view back to tabs, but with menu button (by Stefan Beller)
* Allowed plugins to support multiple file name filters (by Samuli Tuomola)
* Allow saving in any format that can also be read (by Stefan Beller)
* Fixed eraser skipping tiles when moving fast
* Fixed bug in Flare plugin (by Clint Bellanger)
* Fixed compile against Qt 5 (by Kenney Phillis)
* Fixed resolving of symbolic links while loading map
* Fixed a crash that could happen after trying to load a faulty map
* Updated Portuguese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese,
Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Hebrew and Czech translations
0.8.1 (7 May 2012)
* Added MacOS X Lion full screen support
* Fixed crash that could happen when painting with a pasted stamp
* Fixed zoom sensitivity for finer-resolution mouse wheels
* Fixed issues when using quickstamps in combination with the fill tool
* Fixed stamp tool not to miss tiles when drawing fast
* Fixed automapping to work with external tilesets
* Fixed crash in automapping when dealing with broken rule files
* Fixed object type getting erased on pressing Enter
* Changed the license of libtiled-java from LGPL to BSD
* Updated Italian and Hebrew translations
0.8.0 (11 December 2011)
* Added support for polygon and polyline objects
* Added support for tile rotation
* Added support for defining the color of custom object types
* Added a Delete action to delete selected tiles or objects
* Added random mode to the stamp brush
* Added Flare export plugin
* Added JSON plugin that supports both reading and writing
* Added ability to rename tilesets
* Added a mode in which the current layer is highlighted
* Added support for specifying a tile drawing offset
* Added a shortcut to copy the current tile position to clipboard (Alt+C)
* Added a command line option to disable OpenGL
* Allow custom properties on tilesets
* Many automapping improvements
* Improved tileset dock to handle a large amount of tilesets better
* Made the 'Show Grid' option in the tileset view persistent
* Raised the tile size limit in the New Tileset dialog from 999 to 9999
* Correctly handle changes in the width of a tileset image
* Worked around a long standing crash bug
* Added Russian translation
* Updated the German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French and
Brazilian Portuguese translations
0.7.1 (27 September 2011)
* Select stamp tool when selecting tiles in tileset view
* Enable anti-aliasing for OpenGL mode
* Small improvement to the Lua export plugin (incompatible!)
* Fixed a bug in the Create Object tool
* Fixed reading of maps without tilesets but with a tile layer
* Fixed position of tile objects to center on the mouse on insertion
* Updated the Czech translation
0.7.0 (20 July 2011)
* Added support for horizontal and vertical flipping of tiles
* Added copy/paste support for objects
* Added merge layer down action
* Added Show or Hide all Other Layers action
* Added actions to select the previous/next layer
* Added Crop to Selection action
* Added a Lua export plugin
* Added Droidcraft plugin to read and export the map files
* Added option to turn off grid in the tileset view
* Added hand scrolling while holding the spacebar
* Made the object context menu available in all object tools
* Display tile coordinates also when using object tools
* Various improvements to running external commands
* Automapping stability and memory consumption improvements
* Objects that fall outside of the map on resize are now removed
* Fixed problems with watching tilesets multiple times
* Fixed several issues related to restoring previously opened files
* Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew,
Portuguese, Dutch and French translations
0.6.2 (2 May 2011)
* Fixed object layers losing their color when resizing the map
* Fixed the tabs in the Tilesets dock to use scroll buttons on MacOS X
* Fixed window title to update when saving a map with a different name
0.6.1 (3 April 2011)
* Added ability to open multiple files at once
* Added Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown shortcuts to switch documents
* Added an example to show how automatic mapping works
* Fixed bugs, crashes and leaks in the automatic mapping feature
* Fixed starting point for circles to be the click position
* Fixed a memory leak when using lines or circles
* Fixed layer opacity to be taken into account when saving as image
* Fixed endless loop when tile size is set to 0
* Fixed crash when passing an empty string as command line parameter
* Fixed problems with the tileset view after switching documents
* Fixed tile objects to be removed when their tileset is removed
0.6.0 (26 January 2011)
* Added support for opening multiple maps in one session
* Added support for placing tiles as objects
* Added automatic mapping feature, allowing placing of tiles based on rules
* Added ability to save/restore up to 9 stamps with Ctrl+<number>
* Added an object selection tool, allowing moving/deleting multiple objects
* Added ability to run external commands
* Added support for drawing lines and ellipses with the stamp brush
* Added icons to distinguish tile layers from object layers
* Added "Move To Layer" submenu to the context menu of objects
* Added option to use hardware rendering based on OpenGL
* Added a T-Engine4 map export plugin
* Added a simple TMX viewer application (BSD licensed)
* Added a New Layer dropdown menu to the layers dock
* Added a checkbox that enables snap to grid permanently
* Added an initial version of libtiled-java (LGPL licensed)
* Added Chinese and Hebrew translations
* Allowed dragging an image onto Tiled to add a tileset
* Center the map when it is smaller than the map view
* Remember the selected layer across restarts
* Changed the default layer data format to use zlib rather than gzip
* Store the tileset image width and height in the map file
* Compile fixes related to linking zlib
* Fixed the current stamp to get updated when switching tilesets
* Fixed the maximum sizes of the resize map dialog
* Fixed build issues when an older version of libtiled is installed
* Fixed saving of property when clicking OK while editing on MacOS X
* Allow Backspace to delete properties to make it easier on a MacBook
* Associate tmx files with Tiled on MacOS X
* Changed the license of libtiled from GPL to BSD
* Updated Czech, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and French
0.5.1 (2 September 2010)
* Fixed saving of objects when tile width is different from tile height
* Updated Czech translation
0.5.0 (30 June 2010)
* Added support for import and export plugins
* Added support for external tilesets
* Added undo for adding tilesets and ability to remove tilesets
* Added error handling to the New Tileset dialog
* Added ability to change tileset order by dragging them around
* Added option to draw the tile grid when saving as image
* Added a context menu and tool buttons to the layer dock
* Added Latvian translation
* Added an install target to the Makefile
* Open local files when they are dropped onto Tiled
* Allow changing position and size of objects in the Object Properties dialog
* Fixed rendering issues with tiles wider than the tile width of the map
* Fixed eraser and fill tool working on invisible layers
* Fixed a crash when using some tools when no map is loaded
* Fixed compile errors related to detecting static builds
* Fixed the Save dialog not suggesting any particular file extension
* Updated Japanese, Dutch, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Portuguese
and Spanish translations
0.4.1 (14 April 2010)
* Added support for saving tile layer data as CSV
* Added shift modifier to bucket fill tool for filling the selection
* Added Brazilian Portugese, Japanese, French, Italian and Czech translations
* Made values used in the New Map and New Tileset dialogs persistent
* Fixed drawing selection highlight where brush is not painting
* Fixed an incompatibility with Tiled Java in 'trans' attribute
0.4.0 (30 January 2010)
* Added support for isometric maps
* Added automatic reloading of tileset images when they change
* Added Offset Map action that can shift a set of layers by a certain amount
* Added a fill tool
* Added ability to duplicate map objects
* Added support for choosing the tile layer data format used when saving
* Added mouse wheel zooming support to the tileset view
* Added an object display color attribute to object groups
* Added ability to edit tile properties through a context menu
* Made writing out a DTD reference optional and disabled it by default
* Made translations functional
* Updated Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and German translations
0.3.1 (22 November 2009)
* Enabled undo command compression for stamp brush and eraser
* Fixed reading of maps with non-binary-encoded layer data
* Fixed a compile issue on Mac OS X related to QXmlStreamWriter
* Fixed a crash when loading a map while holding Ctrl
* Confirm overwrite on the right moment for 'Save as Image' dialog
0.3.0 (13 November 2009)
* Added a tile selection tool
* Added support for cut, copy and paste
* Added current cursor position to the status bar
* Added keyboard shortcuts to switch tools
* Added scrolling the map view with middle mouse button
* Snap objects to the grid when Ctrl is pressed
0.2.0 (1 October 2009)
* Added support for zooming the map view
* Added an eraser tool that allows you to erase tiles
* Added ability to save a map as an image
* Added support for masking tileset images based on a certain color
* Added a slider to change the opacity of the current layer
* Fixed the minimum row and column size in the tileset view
* Fixed stamp creation when not dragging topleft to bottomright
0.1.0 (1 September 2009)
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