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Mac - Tiled freezes if Fill tool is selected after copy/paste #1624

HackingCommonIssues opened this Issue Jun 25, 2017 · 1 comment


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HackingCommonIssues commented Jun 25, 2017

I've noticed that Tiled seems to infinitely hang if I select the fill tool after I copy/paste a set of selected tiles.

OSX Yosemite version 10.10.4
Tiled for macOS: V 1.0.1

Case: Select an area with Rectangular Select tool, Cut and then paste somewhere else in the map. So its basically a giant stamp. If then the next thing I do is select the fill tool (usually by hitting F Key by accident) while the selection is still active, meaning I still see a transparent version of my selection and the tileset view has a bunch of tiles selected, Tiled will freeze up and I have to force quit to get out. Attaching a screen of what it looks like when frozen.

screen shot 2017-06-25 at 4 18 47 pm

@bjorn bjorn added the bug label Jun 26, 2017

@bjorn bjorn self-assigned this Jun 26, 2017


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bjorn Jun 26, 2017


Thanks for the detailed steps to reproduce! I've fixed it for the upcoming Tiled 1.0.2 release now.


bjorn commented Jun 26, 2017

Thanks for the detailed steps to reproduce! I've fixed it for the upcoming Tiled 1.0.2 release now.

@bjorn bjorn closed this in adce42c Jun 27, 2017

boaromayo added a commit to boaromayo/tiled that referenced this issue Jun 28, 2017

Update forked repo (#1)
* Fixed crash when editing collision when tile image wasn't loaded

When opening a tileset it can happen that the tileset image fails to
load. In this case, opening the tile collision editor could lead to a

* GmxPlugin: Fixed tile type inheritance for tile objects

Now tile objects of which the tile has a type defined are exported as
instances of this type of object in the GameMaker room file.

* Added toolbar for stamp brush and bucket fill tool (#1586)

This adds a new tool-specific toolbar that can be used by tools.

Currently contains actions for rotating/flipping stamp and toggling random mode.

Closes #1084

* docs: Fixed link to other page

* QtPropertyBrowser: Removed deprecation warnings

The classes were deprecated in Qt 5.0 and warnings have been added in Qt

* Fixed rendering of tile object outlines for resized objects

They were taking the size of the image instead of the size of the
object, which means this was broken since Tiled 0.12.

* Fixed rendering of tile objects when the image couldn't be loaded

If the tile was found but its image failed to load, tile objects would
not render at all and due to a broken boundingRect be also impossible to
interact with.

Now they render as the special "missing image marker" and can be
interacted with.

* More fixes for labels of objects nested in a group layer

* Fixed labels shown on objects hidden via a group layer
* Fixed updating of label visibility when toggling group layer visibility

* Fixed updating of label positions when moving a group layer

When moving a group layer, any labels present for objects nested within
that group layer need to be synchronized.

* GmxPlugin: Added support for defining views with objects (#1621)

* Fixed hang when trying to fill with a pasted stamp

Since 688ec7d the size of a copied map
is set to 0x0 instead of matching the tile layer's size. It was supposed
to be irrelevant, but as it turns out TileStamp::maxSize was based on
the size of the map instead of the size of the tile layer. This could
lead to an infinite loop in fillWithStamp in bucketfilltool.cpp.

Closes #1617
Closes #1624

* Restored Ctrl+N shortcut on "New Map" action

There isn't really a good reason not to have this shortcut. Eventually
it may pop up a dialog where you can pick what you want to create, but
since it's more common to create new maps than new tilesets we can just
do that for now.

* Use initializer list for quick-stamp keys

* Introduced TilesetDocumentsModel and its sort-filter model companion

This model lists the tileset documents that are currently open, and the
sort-filter version sorts them by name and filters out tilesets that are
embedded in other maps than the current one.

This model extracts part of the logic from TilesetDock, so that it could
be reused by an updated TerrainModel. The TerrainModel currently only
lists terrains from tilesets that are already part of the map, but it
should display all loaded external tilesets.

* libtiled-java: Fixed wrong exception being caught in TileSet (#1629)

* Display all tilesets with terrain in the Terrains view

Except for tilesets that are embedded into another map than the current
one, the Terrains view now displays all tilesets that have terrains

The Terrain Brush will now automatically add the tileset of the
currently selected terrain to the map when it isn't already present.

* Show custom properties on tiles and terrains in the map editor

While still not editable, this change shows these properties in a
read-only fashion. It is often useful to see them, as indicated by
multiple users on the forum.

* Bumped version to 1.0.2 and updated NEWS file

* Adds option to lock/unlock layer (#1627)

Locking a layer prevents modifications to the layer by the tools, as
well as by some actions like cut and delete. Modifications to objects
are prevented by making them not selectable.

Closes #734

* Fixed tool tips on flipping and rotating stamp actions
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