Multiline properties #205

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With the support of multi-line properties, it would be possible to define "scriptlets" directly onto the belonging object.
For example it would be possible to define a property named "ontouch". If so, a game-engine could just execute the defined
script code whenever the object is touched by the player.

Keep up the great work.


I have just figured out that there exists an issue (#14) about implementing a property type.
Maybe this could just be an other type like "memo"


Would something like a resize grabby thingy (like you see at the bottom right hand corner of this reply box) work for this?

@bjorn bjorn added a commit that closed this issue May 13, 2016
@bjorn Added support for editing multi-line string properties
All custom properties are now multi-line enabled. A text editor can be
opened with a '...' button placed alongside the line edit.

Closes #205
@bjorn bjorn closed this in 0188419 May 13, 2016
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