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Anyone working on a minimap/navigator window? It'd be really helpful to us, since zooming out to the minimum zoom is rediculously slow even on a quad core with good graphics card and 8GB RAM.


stefanbeller commented May 24, 2012

Did you enable Opengl in Preferences? That might help a little.


bjorn commented May 24, 2012

Actually if minimum zoom is ridiculously slow it probably means OpenGL is enabled. This is because the drawing code is not OpenGL-optimized and it will have to repaint the whole map each time something changes. So I would suggest to disable OpenGL mode.

Nobody is currently working on a minimap, but of course it would be a very useful feature.

Edit: Sorry for the spam. That should teach me not to re-press a button when it seems to be not responding... :-/


CSchnackenberg commented Sep 18, 2012

As being a big fan of the PS navigator myself I forked the tiled project again and implemented a navigator. It works quite well and I would like to see it in the main project.

see here: d63f095

I could only test it on my (more or less) powerful win7 system. It might be a good idea to test it on slower pcs and try it with different options (OpenGL on/off, Mac, Linux etc). On my machine it does not interfere with the normal work.

I think its a good overall usability improvement. Not just for me :-).

Any suggestions, improvements and so on are welcome. If everything is okay I can make a pull request.



bjorn commented Sep 18, 2012

@CSchnackenberg Please do a pull request. We'll see if everything is alright afterwards and discuss things further there.


bjorn commented Sep 26, 2012

Implemented by @CSchnackenberg in commit ecd0c15.

bjorn closed this Sep 26, 2012

Thanks guys =) since I originally requested this, thought I should say we
will definitely be making use of it in the future!
Still using Tiled on an almost daily basis at our studio.


On 26 September 2012 19:48, Thorbjørn Lindeijer notifications@github.comwrote:

Implemented by @CSchnackenberg in
commit ecd0c15ecd0c15

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