libtiled-java should use BufferedImage #369

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devnewton commented Feb 20, 2013

libtiled-java use Image instead of BufferedImage because of some old java trick like:

                     // Deriving a scaled instance, even if it has the same
                        // size, somehow makes drawing of the tiles a lot
                        // faster on various systems (seen on Linux, Windows
                        // and MacOS X).
                        img = img.getScaledInstance(
                                img.getWidth(null), img.getHeight(null),

It should not be a performance improvement today:

Java image manipulation is easier and faster with BufferedImage, maybe it should be used as preferred image type?


bjorn commented Feb 20, 2013

I welcome your patch, as well as your performance tests. :-)


devnewton commented Feb 24, 2013

I realized that my issue description is wrong.

My final goal is to get an opengl texture, not to get the best java2d drawing performance.

Using libtiled-java, a tile image will be pass through several conversions:

  • loaded into a BufferedImage.
  • scaled to an Image.
  • converted into a BufferedImage.
  • put into a ByteBuffer.
  • loaded to GPU with glTexture*.

I dont know how to improve this process...


bjorn commented Feb 24, 2013

@devnewton Well at least in your case you would want to avoid converting to Image and then back into BufferedImage. You should be able to modify libtiled-java to take out the conversion to Image quite easily, right? I don't know whether you can get rid of other steps (I haven't used OpenGL in Java).

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