libtiled-java cannot write external tile source image #370

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The TmxMapWriter class does not write the image source of a tile.

   private void writeTile(Tile tile, XMLWriter w) throws IOException {
        w.writeAttribute("id", tile.getId());

        writeProperties(tile.getProperties(), w);

        if (tile instanceof AnimatedTile)
            writeAnimation(((AnimatedTile)tile).getSprite(), w);


Right, I have removed that code at some point because per-tile external source images were anyway not supported by Tiled Qt. Support for such tiles has been added to Tiled Qt as of version 0.9.0, but still you can't create such tilesets using the UI.

If you need this functionality you may want to add it back. Compare it with:

The prefs variable refers to the Tiled Java preferences, which of course can't be relied upon anymore. Might make sense to reintroduce some of those options as TmxMapWriter properties.


No worries, good luck with that! This issue will be a reminder to either of us not to forget about it later. :-)

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