SEGV on map close #385

o11c opened this Issue Mar 12, 2013 · 2 comments

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System: Debian wheezy amd64
Version: tiled 0.9.0-1 from experimental

After opening several maps and saving changes to one of them, I pressed ^W to close that map, and got this SEGV:

I have the coredump, but there are no debugging symbols available for the Debian package, and I am unable to reproduce casually.


Rebuilt tiled with symbols.

I've gotten a couple different backtraces from crashes at slightly different times in the same workflow, but it's probably the same bug.

Backtrace and local variables printed:
$5 is *cell.tile

The crash is that on line 235, const QPoint offset = cell.tile->tileset()->tileOffset();, the tileset is NULL.

I have the coredump if you need anything else.


@o11c Do you know whether this is still happening in the latest version? If so maybe you have some more exact way of reproducing the issue with TMW maps for example.

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