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xan2622 commented Mar 14, 2013


I really like your map editor and I really like OpenRA (an open-source project that handles the download and the play of old Command and Conquer 1, Red Alert 1, Dune 2000 games and mods).

Official site :

OpenRA's games/mods use .oramap files (a kind of zip / container) to store a "map.bin" file (graphics) and a "map.yaml" file (text file that contains informations about the map).

More info :

Openra's map editor is very simple and I think OpenRA developers and modders would really benefit if they could use Tiled instead.

To acheive this goal (make Tiled the future default map editor of OpenRA, at least, that's my dream), Tiled might need to support these files :

  • oramap, yaml, bin, (mix, shp, r8, r16, ?) ...

More info :

I posted this issue but maybe I should have posted several issues (?), one issue per file format ?

I know your time is precious and you have other features planned but I think it would be really really great if Tiled could become the default OpenRA's map editor.

Thank you.

Bjorn is focused on making tiled the best general purpose map editor he possibly can, and there are many important features still missing from the editor. I think the only way this will happen is if you, or another member of the community get the source code for Tiled and make a fork specific to that engine and make the necessary modifications yourselves.

With that said, I've had great success with getting bjorn to fix issues and focus on things I cared about by sending a donation his way, but a request of this magnitude would require a very significant donation (triple digits) to get him to agree to do it.

I'd get in contact with him via email if you have a few thousand laying around and really want to see this done.

xan2622 commented Mar 15, 2013

Hello Crazysam.

I can understand that some people, to support a project, give money to the developer. This action is very commendable action from them.

What I find upsetting is that you're talking about a 3-digit donation.. I'm a little shocked, it's a bit the "carrot and the donkey game". I understand that bjorn may not want to focus on my feature requests but my personal funds do not allow me to consider giving as much (but I am willing to donate).

See you.


bjorn commented Mar 15, 2013

@xanax @crazysam Of course, when it's about donations everybody decides for himself. I don't receive a lot of donations, but if I do they vary from less than $1 to over $100. Regardless of the amount they will always motivate me to spend more time on Tiled.

I think what @crazysam is after was a fair compensation for the work required to add this feature, which would indeed be a 3-digit amount. What @xanax seems to be after though, is to find somebody who would simply find it fun to help him and the OpenRA project (a project done by volunteers itself). Maybe @stt would be interested, for example, since he made a Python plugin for Tiled and implemented several importers for various game-specific formats.

I would normally find it fun to work on such a project, but my time is limited and Tiled is lacking a lot of more important features that I'd rather work on. Also, if I want to have significant time for Tiled on the long term, I need to start making money with it as explained in my most recent blog post.

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Quick assessment by me and @pchote from @OpenRA: there's a lot more to our map format than just tiles (we use a weird mix of YAML rules scattered around and legacy Westwood binary formats for sprites) plus we need height-maps in the near future for OpenRA/OpenRA#3363

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