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Objects not displaying in Staggered Isometric #395

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Got a problem with the new Staggered Isometric. After creating an object layer and putting objects (via tiles), objects are not visible. They are correctly created, but are not displayed.
The only thing you can see while selecting them is a tiny black vertical bar (left of the picture).



Right, I didn't get around yet to do a proper solution for objects on this type of maps. In the change log I had noted "Added a staggered isometric map renderer, still without object layer support".

The tile coordinate system for staggered maps is a bit strange, so I'm not sure exactly how to deal with objects, which have their size and coordinates in tiles. Suggestions welcome.


If I'm not mistaken, with classic isometric maps, coordinates of objects are calculated like this :

So this system doesn't apply to staggered maps. I think we can take a classic positionning system for these maps: top left corner as origin.

In addition, I think it would be interesting to be able to give tiles coordinates to an object (when an object should have exactly the position of a tile, not an arbitrary position).


I guess that something like this could work :


@RDeluxe That part is already implemented. The open questions are how to deal with object sizes and how to deal with sub-tile positions, as well as how to render the different types of objects for this type of map.


We actually have this problem with tiled. We plan to implement chests and other activable items as objects in Tiled. A way to center them on a tile would be nice, as a lot of objects are about the same size.

I use mainly objects from tileset, for the moment, that's why I see this solution as convenient. I totally get that it won't work for other kind of objects (shapes).


@bjorn I'll have to check the code, but I don't really get the problem here. Does the sub-tile position have any link to the global tile position ?
Isn't the method you use for isometric maps compatible with this one ?


@RDeluxe If you don't need sub-tile positioning you may be fine with the current tile <-> pixel conversion functions. In that case you'd only need to provide implementations for StaggeredRenderer::boundingRect and StaggeredRenderer::drawMapObject. Should be easy if you're only interested in supporting tile objects, you can use the IsometricRenderer as an example of course.


Support for object layers on staggered maps was implemented with pull request #638.

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