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Add support for scaling (xScale and yScale) #396

jrz opened this Issue · 6 comments

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In addition to the recently added rotation, I'd like to suggest xScale and yScale. This automatically allow both horizontal and vertical flip.


My usecase is that I have a pretty 'loose' decoration map, and re-use images by rotating and scaling.


I second this feature request! Seems like a simple way to add value :)


I obviously agree that Tiled should have support for scaling objects, but I will have to disagree with the statement that it is "simple". First of all the behavior on the currently available object types would have to be defined, secondly the interaction with the rotation. I assume you mean to apply scale before rotation, but is this enough? One you have scaling and rotation, you're pretty close to the full transformation matrix after all. And once we know how it will work from storage, rendering and usability perspectives, it will of course still need to be implemented.


I'd be willing to work on this feature, I've been doing this through properties anyway. It would be pretty awesome to actually see how it would look without having to fire up my game engine. I've got a school break coming up.


@gamaral Feel free to have a go at it, but please elaborate on how you plan to do it once you get started to make sure we're on the same page. Thanks!


That's the plan. ;)

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