libtiled-java and tmxviewer-java not in maven repository #397

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Could you please put those two libraries into the maven repository? Would make handling licensing and dependencies much easier :-).

If you need me to write the pom.xml file, I'd be glad to help out.



bjorn commented Mar 26, 2013

I guess I could use your help, because until right now I did not even know Maven existed. Do you suggest pushing these packages to some kind of central repository?

Note that there are some issues open for libtiled-java and it hasn't yet been updated with additions made in Tiled Qt 0.8 and 0.9, though maybe its availability from this repository will prompt more people to help fixing that.

As for tmxviewer-java, it is just a simple example application showing how libtiled-java can be used. Does it really make sense to put that into Maven?

ok, I'll add the pom.xml descriptor file and copy the sample app into the libtiled-java docs.

Ok, there are two things you should decide on:

1.) the java class hierarchy root is a bit on the short side: "tiled". I think that should be a bit more specific , ie. "bjorn.tiled"?

2.) The maven groupId should be decided, too. A good start may be to use "bjorn.tiled", too.

You can have a look at the pom.xml file here:

When we have cleared all of that, publishing must be done by following these rules:

I can do that for you if you want.


bjorn commented Mar 26, 2013

  1. What about org.mapeditor instead of tiled?
  2. Same suggestion.

I'm fine with you doing the publishing part.

estan commented Jul 13, 2014

@jjYBdx4IL: Did anything further happen with this issue? I would love for libtiled-java to be available on Maven Central, so that I can just pull it from there in my Gradle project instead of keeping the JAR in a lib directory.

no, I don't have experience with maven central submissions myself, and I'm currently not working with libtiled.

@bjorn or @mikepthomas I saw Maven Central publishing was merged in but seems like it's still not published with each release?


bjorn commented Jan 24, 2017

@tomcashman I'm actually not sure what's required for this. I hope @mikepthomas can help.


mikepthomas commented Jan 24, 2017

No releases have yet been made to maven central repository as of yet...
You are able to get a snapshot of release 0.17-SNAPSHOT from when I implemented on Oct 17 by adding the following to your maven pom:


Ideally the java libs should be built out as part of the ci process using maven but but am unfamilliar with the current process (using Travis I believe...) also the assets deployed to the oss snapshots repository are currently signed using my personal pgp key, I'm not too sure if @bjorn would be happy with this as I'd expect that he would want them to be signed with his own...

What mvn commands are needed to deploy to Maven Central?


bjorn commented Jan 24, 2017

Hmm, I'd have to set up PGP again. I did this several times now, but I keep locking myself out of my own keys by forgetting their passphrase, since I'm inclined to pick a long one and then never use it.

Regarding the CI system, it could be integrated with either Travis CI (Linux or macOS) or AppVeyor (Windows), depending on what would be the easiest. Both Travis CI and AppVeyor seem to have Maven preinstalled on their build image.


mikepthomas commented Jan 24, 2017 edited

Deploying to snapshots can easilly be done manually, I would have to look into how it integrate with the CI server (whichever is easiest) as for releasing to central this can be done with any of the deployed snapshots using this guide.

Edit: It looks like it's fairly simple to integrate automated deployments to central with Travis, however it does require that pgp certificates are uploaded and usernames and passwords are encrypted properly when setting it up


bjorn commented Jun 22, 2017

Requested on the forum.


mikepthomas commented Jun 24, 2017 edited

The libtiled and tmxviewer jars are now available in maven central:

You should now be able to request the jar using the following:


Cool. TY!

jjYBdx4IL closed this Jun 25, 2017

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