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When creating a new object with the "Insert Tile Objects" tool, you can't change its tile anymore.

In the game I am currently making, there is a huge amount of objects that take appearance of different terrain tiles, but they all have the same properties inside. It would be a big hassle to create each individual object with the Insert Tile Object tool and then write all of its properties by hand, as opposed to simply copying and pasting one of them and changing its corresponding tile.

Anyway, I've already solved this by using a tile layer, but I believe this issue could be easily fixed and would be very useful for other developers.

Sorry if it sounded confusing, English is not my first language.

bjorn commented Mar 31, 2013

It would indeed be useful to be able to change the tile of a tile object.
And of course, in the code doing this is easy. The main thing to consider
is how the UI should work. Any suggestions?


On 3/31/2013 3:58 AM, Thorbjørn Lindeijer wrote:

Any suggestions?
Right-click on and choose appropriate option "Change Tile" from context

bjorn commented Mar 31, 2013

@toddcarnes I'm assuming this action would apply the currently selected tile to the object?


On 3/31/2013 8:18 AM, Thorbjørn Lindeijer wrote:

@toddcarnes I'm assuming this action
would apply the currently selected tile to the object?

I think so, yes. It would seem the logical way to handle it. Though,
perhaps, the OP might want weigh in on it?


I believe the first thing I tried was simply clicking on different tiles on the tileset while having the tile object selected. I don't know if that would make it too easy for errors to occur, though. Doing it through a context menu also sounds natural to me.

bjorn commented Apr 1, 2013

@mimpedro Right, I think that automatically applying any selected tile to the selected tile objects would frequently result in unwanted changes. You'd have to remember to unselect your objects before selecting a tile to prevent it from happening.

So, the context menu solution sounds reasonable to me.

Is not more easy when double click event is detected on tiled, check is object is selected, then apply?

bjorn commented Feb 21, 2017 edited

Also suggested on the forum, with the action in the context menu of the tile:

  1. selecting the Image Object/s
  2. selecting the Tile in the tileset window
  3. RMB > Replace image in selected object/s
@bjorn bjorn added this to the Tiled 1.0 milestone Feb 21, 2017
thabetx commented Apr 7, 2017

I started working on this issue, I'm implementing the workflow in the previous comment.

The basic functionality is done, but it still needs some adjustments when changing multiple objects.

@bjorn bjorn closed this in 6fd75da Apr 21, 2017
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